News - 2007

27/12/2007 - Ahh, now all the games are back up again for download! I also updated the game archive page with credits, and maybe also changed game descriptions. Enjoy ;)
25/12/2007 - The site was down for a day or two. All the games I had uploaded got deleted, and it is over 250 MB , so it will take a lot of effort to get it uploaded again. I am sorry about this, but at least you can browse the site and the archive again. UPDATE: I also added a brand new gallery section, featuring some good and bad photos of me, check out ;).
23/12/2007 - HAHA, new game out now called "Zoan Smoan", as another xmas bonus ;D!
22/12/2007 - Added a new showcase in the artwork section as an x-mas bonus. Thanks for all the fun. 2008 will be an exciting new year for Kubus! With both cool new releases from PG Games Entertainment and Kubus Home Video. I will also see if MAYBE I can get some of my music out to the public. My long awaited debut album is closer than you think :) . And of course also some artwork, some stuff and maybe even a quiz! Stay updated and spread the gossip of Kubus around!
04/12/2007 - I uploaded a new game.
27/11/2007 - A new Johnny game out now!
24/11/2007 - A huge number of games are now available. These are full versions of previously-released demos. Check it out man ;)
09/11/2007 - Uploaded a trailer for my movie (later replaced by screenshots). Check it out in the film section.
04/11/2007 - A new game has finally been released; check out in the games section. Also fixed a little bit stuff in the shop.
30/10/2007 - The shop is now online and functioning.
29/10/2007 - Info about my first movie has been added in the brand new film section. Make sure to check out; I will see if I can manage to put together a shop in the near future.
28/10/2007 - Some of my games did not work on windows vista; this has now been fixed. If you previously had troubles, try downloading again.
30/09/2007 - The artwork section is now located here on this website, instead of being located at another place. Check it out ;)
09/08/2007 - A new game is now out.
01/08/2007 - The archive has finally been put back up and archived properly like it should be.
28/07/2007 - Johnny returns!
15/07/2007 - I have now have two more games out.
09/07/2007 - We now have a new forum, hosted on this server. It is a bit empty now, but hopefully it will grow during its time :). I am actually running two forums now, at the same time. Feel free to use both.
02/07/2007 - Two new games out today. The stuff page has also been updated with more stuff :). Enjoy ;-)
25/06/2007 - Uhh, yeah, I have a new game out today.
16/06/2007 - Today is the "Double Johnny" day. I have created and released two new Johnny games today. Enjoy them. There is also now a "Stuff" section on the website, where I plan to include some things I've made that do not seem to fit in elsewhere. Not that much there yet, but there hopefully will be :).
03/06/2007 - I finished a new game, yay. Finally about time for a update maybe, yes! Enjoy it :-)
16/05/2007 - A new game released today.
10/05/2007 - A new webdomain: I will use this from now on :). I will try and see if I can get some more stuff on here soon.
05/05/2007 - Yes. Finally a new webdesign! I plan on having this site expandended much in the future. Right now this only covers my computer games, artwork and forum, but there will be more. I also want another domain for this site, so that may happen, right now I just use the PG Games domain, but anyways; Have fun :)!

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