This website is coming back... before the end of the month, I promise. I was going to wait and just keep it as a surprise, but I feel it is my duty this time to inform you, so don't worry. So why does my website go down so much over these years, you might wonder, it seems to happen again and again and again. Well, people, for the first time in history, I will tell you exactly why! Keep reading!

Back in the early days (2002 up to 2006), I suffered from a lot of computer trouble, in addition to plenty of "lets make a new webdesign" issues. In addition to all the free hosts I used which frequently bugged crashed and smashed my site and archive up. In addition to that, troubles with my harddrive forced me to re-build my site again and again, losing some stuff, gaining some new stuff etc. In recent years, however, I am afraid the reason is much worse. I have kept this a secret from all but a few these years (2007 up to present time), but now I will reveal it:

I wanted to be a vampire

Yes. As you all know, vampires live in secresy using anonymity. And therefore my website could not simountaniously exist together with my desires for vampires. This became more and more deeply rooted in my mind, as vampiric experiences grew stronger and stronger. But now things are different for me. Because of my vampiric desires, in recent years, some vampire or other mystic force of nature took control of my brain via mind control, and forced me to delete everything all the time, destroying everything for me every time I tried to bring it back.

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