My name is Kim. I am a 27 year old human (?) male. I have suffered from Schizotypal Disorder and OCD for many years. I suck at most relationships badly. This website is here to document my creativity as a troubled artist. I am not insane (?). I have been under a state of constant depersonalization and fatigue since I was a young teenager. This caused me to believe I was a zombie for many years, as it sure felt that way. To this day I still have not been able to break out of this abnormal state of mind.

Around the year of 2001, I came up with the idea of the Kubus Man. It all started one day when my sister came home from school, and she had received a gift of some new clothes. Upon discovering that these clothes came from a clothing store called Cubus, she refused to accept the gift, because this was a store that was considered unusual and most importantly unhip to the teenage mind of the modern age. After she refused, daddy said as a joke "Why? Are you afraid of the Cubus Man or what?". I thought this was amusing, and I conceived the idea of this character. I envisioned him as somebody that was a master of corrupting the minds of the teenagers worlwide, and being completely ignorant of anything associated with fashion. After having developed public games for a while while developing the character, I decided to Make him a part of it, by making references here and there. Eventually, I gave him bigger and bigger parts of it all, and eventually I found him to be so amusing that I ended up adopting him to my own persona. And soon, the Kubus Man had taken over the role as the Dominant Character, and the official forefront for all things that I would do as an artist. The reason the first letter of his name was changed from C to K, was because originally I felt the same way about fashion as he did, and I was ignorant of the spelling of the name of the store. Upon telling some people about him when in 2002-2003, I was actually informed that I had spelled the name wrong. But I decided to keep the K in the name, to make it more personal.

I have always been creative. As a child, I used to make board games and all such. When I was young I used to read dirty, violent and filthy magazines. One day, I came upon a copy of a MAD Magazine in a store where there was a drawing of an innocent puppy, and somebody holding a gun to the dog's head with the text above saying "Buy this magazine or else we will shoot this dog!". I thought that was very amusing so I instantly picked up a copy. In here I discovered an article that inspired me to make video games. The article was called "If you thought the games in the store was bad, then just wait until you see The Games That Nintendo Banned". I sometimes felt a slight wave of annoyance over the fact that these games were not real and often wished that I could have played those crazy games for real. But I did not just want to copy their ideas, so I made my own ideas on how to make games like that. I needed my own style, my own concepts and originality.

My game developement started in children's school when I discovered Klik & Play in a store. Eventually I dropped the program due to so many limitations, and I began a search for something that would allow me to make games. I learned a lot programming languages and such, but eventually I had to give up. After having searched for very long and found nothing that was like I wanted, I finally just gave up and typed exactly what I wanted into google, "game maker". And whoops, there I found exactly what I wanted to find. I quickly began development and joined the community. After finishing my second game "Kill The Dummies" with a friend, I decided that I would need a so called company name, or a brand to put on the games. At that time, I was into the whole abandonware scene, and I wanted to make my own abandonware site, I wanted it to be named PGG, short for Paradise of Great Games. Since this site never happened and I never got around to it, I decided to use that name for my company. I decided to go public with my games after discovering Game Maker in 2002, as almost all the games I made before that I had gone to hell in computer crashes and whatnot, and I knew I could just start over, and the public would be a good place to store the games I figured.

The games I made early on, received very little attention. I a few replies at the most. When I first released Johnny, I think I got a total of four replies. At that time I was more famous for being a spammer and a troll. I had an internet forum called The Kubusmannen Board, where a lot of people joined because my forum had no proper rules of conduct, so it allowed for more freedom of experession than on the GMC. It grew in members and posts fast, and had become well known. Eventually, somebody who was a trusted moderator got mad at something in the forum, and decided to delete a tremendous amount of posts from the forum. That made me mad at the time, so I deleted the forum and moved to a different host. When that host got shut down, we once again moved back to where we was before in the third incarnation. And that forum is still around and is now known as The Old New Kubus Board.

Back to the games. My first game that got any real attention was The Lawnmover Massacre from 2003. When it was released it gathered huge attention, some people loved it and praised it, while others hated it. The moderators were constantly busy deleting posts in the topic. And at the same as that topic was active, another game of mine "Cooking Breakfast 2" was also released. That game was made a long time earlier than the lawnmover game, but after the game was finished I stored it on a server, but then forgot all about the game completely. It was not until I decided to check one of my old servers, that I found an executable mysteriously named "cookingbreakfast2.exe", I thought "What the fuck" and checked it out, then I remember it, and released it at the same time as the game lawnmover game, and it got the around the same amount of attention. Now-a-days I am probarbly mostly known for making the Johnny games, and it is probarbly the first thing people associate with me. I have even had people call out Johnny in real life. Johnny has seen a large amount of fangames and has become sort of a character and image of independent gaming. I was given the title of having been a pioneer of "Stylized Gaming" by someone from this community.

I first started making music in 2001, when I managed to get my hands on a microphone, and in later years a few instruments. I made a whole bunch of very underground and hard to find demos in the upcoming years, but I felt none of it was good enough to be shared with the public. But in 2008, I had enough material from six or seven years of music making to make an album I thought. So I gathered the best of my demo tracks, and did a huge massive job of putting these together, remixing all of the songs. And soon The Greates Hits was finally released in 2008, featuring "Dumpster Truck Massacre" which in the local underground was my most popular song. After the album was released, I was not entirely sure on how to proceed. I thought to continue the concept of "best of's" was probarbly trying a bit too hard, and too stressful. I wanted to do something that would allow me a bigger amount of freedom. So I started just releasing albums outside of this "best of" concept. At some point, I wanted to make music that was more exotic sounding, and that could go across the entire scope of the universe, so to speak, so I began collecting world instruments, and also instruments that were hard to come by and find. Over a hundred instruments have been used in my music.

Ever since young, I liked violent gory movies. I often spent lots of cash getting my hands on very sick films, building up a decent collection of splatter movies. I often dreamt of making my own splatter movies, and I had written down a lot of ideas, and even manuscripts. But I needed other people to make movies. So I figured the best way to find people willing to do this, was to enroll in a filming class. I had written the manuscript before hand and I established contacts with people who I thought would look and act good in the picture. After I finished my movie, I quickly dropped out of the class as I despise school and always have. I maintained contact with the people and made several more movies under the brand of "Kubus Home Video". Moviemaking has been put on hold, but may one day return soon.

The idea of Sparlatacus came to me very early as a revelation of The Truth, before The Kubus Man. He is the secret mystic force, that holds together the plasma of the Moon, Fog, And Holy Balloon of the Western Goose. An ancient creature of epic insanity and extreme arrogance. Sparlatacus was created by Sparl, the God of the Sun. The one who holds the highest amount of creative power and rules from above. They are connected and one and the same. In 2012, I decided to start writing occult articles based on a system of magic called Wuggu. Wuggu is a level system, of which the highest level is 23, only Sparlatacus holds this power. All kinds of good spells, hexes and curses exist. Wuggu was originally created for use in Kubusland, a world made by Sparlatacus. A shangri-la and haven. Through the establishment of a magical beacon, this magic can also be used on Earth if Wuggu power is channeled through the beacon into the affected person with the rays of the sun used to travel godly energy. The thing about the power levels is that a certain spell that belongs to a certain spell level cannot be used on somebody with a higher Wuggu level than that of the caster. That makes Sparlatacus immune to all such magic himself. Level 22 is reserved only for the highest enforcers and protectors of Kubusland, such as for example Magic Jimbo Wizz.

My other interests/hobbies are playing video games and listening to music, and psychoactive drugs. My favorite video game, other than my own, is Heroes of Might and Magic 3. My favorite music is TrollfesT, Finntroll, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Children of Bodom and Cumbia Music. I am also interested in doing webdesign work. I am highly skilled in PHP, HTML, CSS and a little javascript and mySQL. I find it enjoying to program webdesign, all done in plain Notepad. I have made a vast amount of designs for my website, I will try to make some of the older ones available for viewing again.

I have been around Shadow People for the majority of my life. This has been very tough on me since the time I discovered that a few years ago. I know what those people are. They are Ghosts, they are real Vampires, they are completely Invisible, they can move at lightning speed, they are extremely strong, they have authentic special powers and they do not Age or grow old. They feed on both energy (lifeforce) and Blood. I consider them to be The Undead Gods. They told me they were going to change me into a God. I guess I am somewhat lucky to be proctected, without help, I would probarbly be in a lot of trouble LOL.

Alohah from Hawaii, KK

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