Very Annoying FAQ Page
questions and answers:
Q: What Is Kubus?
A: It is myself. It is my name. It is my creations. It is my world. It is the people living in my world.

Q: How Can I Order Stuff From "The Kubus Shop"?
A: You can't.

Q: Can I use your stuff for my science-project / party / whatever?
A: Yes you can.

Q: Why does your games suck so much?
A: Because your tastes don't like it.

Q: How do you come up with so many ideas?
A: It comes to me. In my dreams. In my psychosis. Sometimes I get lots of ideas when I'm in the bathroom too. It is just everywhere. It is universe. It is soul.

Q: I want you to help me with my stuff, I could really use your magical touch!
A: Thanks for your offer. Unfortunantly I have to decline.

Q: Can I interview you for my magazine / blog / website etc. ?
A: Yes by all means. Everywhere I can lay my hat, I will fly to as a bat!

Q: How can I get in touch with that wonderful Mr. Kubus guy?
A: Just send him a wonderful email, at the wonderful email adress: .

Q: I tried to send you an e-mail. But I got no reply.
A: Noone knows why this sometimes happens. It is one of the great Seven Mysteries. Although maybe not so great for you.

Q: Why do you dress in such a scary attire?
A: Well, there was that time when I fell down the staircase. Long time ago though.

Q: I tried signing up on your forum, but..
A: Yeah I know. The Kubus forums are 100% unreliable, secretive and very nicely unstable.

Q: I have a question for you.
A: Just send it in, don't be afraid baby :-).

Q: Are you on drugs?
A: I usually smoke a lotta nuclear chemical waste, through my bong. Good for the lungs, my "doctor" told me.

Q: What music are you into?
A: GWAR, Stolen Babies, Lunachicks, Mr. Bungle, Alien Sex Fiend, Fear Cult, Astrovamps, Kaizers Orchestra.

Q: What about movies?
A: Splatter, gore. Almost anything low budget and cheap.

Q: Wow, what a great FAQ!
A: Thank you!

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