Let's Work Together And Bring Back Kubus From The Ashes
HELLO all fans and slaves,
This is The Master KIMBERLY KUBUS
speaking from the dark abyss.
I've spent a good deal researching,
and have discovered that Kubus is
something I cannot give up upon,
if a choice is something I still have.
And by the looks of it;
So here's the deal.
I don't have anything.
But I know, that others do.
What we need to do, is to get
the people together and do this,
if this is something that people
would be interested in.
I might get killed by the vampires
for doing this, but I don't care.
The new site will be "www.kubusforever.com",
for the sake of symbolizing Kubus rising
from the ashes and going into a new era,
but I will still re-register "www.kimberlykubus.com"
and have it point to the new site.
I will send this mail, to a bunch
of different people, who I am
guessing might be interested.
What we need to do is to buy
a server or rent one umm yeah.
And then each person who is
willing to participate will get
their own FTP account on the server,
and through this account, they will
upload everything they have to the server.
By doing it this way the benefits are large;
We can get everything going fine again,
much more quickly, since more people upload
at same time or pace. I do not want full
control over the stuff myself, it is best
if it goes out of my hands, that way we can
ensure that Kubus will not go down again
in the future.
The movies , music, and games have certain
standards to it that must be satisfied before
uplaoding. The music must be in 320 KBPS,
a few of my earliest albums were previously
released in a 128kbps when I first started.
but they were quickly converted to 320.
The games should all be vista-compliant,
meaning no GM6 exes, all of the GM6 games
were automatically converted to GM7 by me
years ago, so double check to see that you have
that version is a nice thing to do. As far
as the movies, I am not entirely sure how to do it,
the dvd format is the easiest format, in both terms
of compability and filesize, but its storage is not
easy task. As far as I can see though, there is not
really another option. Please no video codecs or
exotic file formats, we want compability and easyness,
as much as possible. Having a dedicated managed server,
is by far the only option I see, for a catalog as huge
as Kubus is and is going to become in the future.
Oh and the card games are gone too.
In case you wonder, there is 31 johnny games released.
It is hard for me to do this, because there
are these forces out there that stops me
from contiuning with Kubus, fighting it was
possible before, but not anymore. The only way
I can even get this message out, is to write it quickly,
dont think too much about it, and just do it.
Want to participate in bringing back the best of the best?
Well, then, nice. Have a nice day people, together
we can do this, it all depends on the people, if not
then its okey. Don't think of this as any kind of pressure,
just more of a suggestion.
Goodnight! or day?

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