The Kubus Board

The Kubus Board originally started in 2002, as an offshoot to the Game Maker Community. The Kubus Board offered a forum with no rules , which was strictly the opposite of what the GMC was. In the Kubus you could say and do whatever you wanted to. Originally the forum was open to anyone , but it was turned into a private forum later on. The board featured many members, including moderators or admins from the GMC. Due to some tech issues, the board has been through various incantations throughout the time. Here comes a list of the various variations of the board.

Various Incantations:

The Original Board: The first one, hosted on invisionfree. This one had a lot of posts, and was very fun(ny). One of the trusted moderators attacked the forum greatly, when I discovered it I got mad and deleted the whole forum.
The New Kubus Order: This one was hosted on the server to a moderator (later admin) of the Kubus Board. This one was always one of the best versions of the Board I think. We had a lot of fun here, we had a Kubus Shop where people could buy stuff like messing up other peoples posts and things like that. This one later went down , probarbly due to the server it was hosted on.
The Classic Station: Back to invisionfree again. This one was created in 2003 by an admin from the original board after he saw what happened to the original board. But because we had already established "The New Kubus Order" then this one was unused until 2004. This version of the board still exists to this day. It has a lot of funny posts, and shit on it. It has been attacked a couple of times, but we survived.
The Outpost Central v1: Due to the limitations of the invisionfree, I created this one and hosted it on my own site on This version went down after I moved over to the site I am using now.
The Outpost Central v2: Like the previous one, except it is hosted here. This one also exist today. It has a few advantages over the invisionfree one, like for example u can upload files, and u can abuse the forums more (the other one had character and smilie limits).

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