The worlds first Kubus-Rock album. Featuring all the great hits,
such as the dance floor classic "Hit The Floor" and who can forget the singable lullaby "Dumpster Truck Massacre"?
This is the kind of music your flowers would hate!
Circus-class entertainment for your mind and body!!

1. Abyss, The Souls   MP3
2. Dumpster Truck Massacre   MP3
3. Roach Dance   MP3
4. Back To The Asylum   MP3
5. Hit The Floor   MP3
6. Slime Is The Essence Of My Soul   MP3
7. Dry Bones   MP3
8. Scarceland   MP3
9. Corpse   MP3
10. Stairway To Death   MP3
11. Gift In Einer Flasche Der Wunder Geist   MP3
12. Flying Flower In A Green Balloon (The Finale)   MP3

Total running time: 38 minutes.

Kimberly Kubus - Lead Vocals, Keys, Synth, Sounds, Bongo, Glockenspiel, Harmonica, Accordion, Percussion, Guitar
Siege Delux - Guitar, Vocal
Cat Sauce - Guitar, Back-up Key on 7

Music Copyright 2008 MrKubus.

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